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About the NIAA

  • 6/25/2019

    What is the NIAA?

    History of the NIAA

         The Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (NIAA) is a non-profit organization of secondary schools in Nevada. In essence, the NIAA is the governing body of high school athletics and activities in the Silver State as recognized by the Nevada state legislature. It is important to note, however, that the NIAA does NOT receive state funding. The NIAA's revenue streams are corporate partnerships, event ticket sales and member school's dues.

         The original (NIAA) Nevada Interscholastic League was formed in 1922. It became affiliated with the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) in 1939. School administrators established the League in order to develop and enforce high school athletic welfare and safety standards, eligibility and amateurism policies, and ethical conduct and behavior policies that would compliment the academic work of students. The NIAA ensures that Nevada's student-athletes engage in pure competition under uniform regulations.

         The NIL became the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association in 1967. The first full-time salaried Executive Director was hired in 1974 and an office was established in Carson City. The NIAA office moved to Reno in 1997.

         As of September 2018, the NIAA had 118 member schools divided into four divisions. The NIAA is responsible for sponsoring, directing and developing athletics and activities in Nevada's high schools. In addition, the NIAA oversees the Nevada Association of Student Councils (NASC).

         The NIAA office is responsible for sanctioning activities, conducting post-season tournaments, regulating officials and providing a host of services to its member schools.

         The Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association is incorporated incompliance with NRS 81.170-81.280 and was recognized in 1974 under the provisions of NRS 386.420-.470.

         The NIAA also provides the following services to its member schools in addition to the 135 league/region tournaments and 60 state championship tournaments it conducts:

         * Awards, in each NIAA-sanctioned sporting event, an academic team champion
    and honors individuals on the all-State (4.0 gpa) academic team;
         * Hosts a Hall of Fame banquet and induction ceremony, which honors outstanding athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and contributors who have had a significant and positive impact on Nevada's youth;
         * Hosts an end-of-the-year awards banquet honoring the top 10 student-athletes in both northern and southern Nevada;
         * Conducts coaching clinics (and certifies coaches through the Nevada Coaching Education Program) and the training, testing and certifying of officials;
         * Promotes cooperative spirit among member schools through its special Citizenship Through Sports program;
         * Publishes the informational material (such as the Reference Manual - school directory and post-season sport tournament information packets -, Handbook, Year In Review, Record Book, etc.) for all member schools, sponsors, the media and the public;
         * Works to prevent the exploitation of student-athletes by special interest groups.


         In recognition of the many educational values to be derived from participation in all forms of interscholastic activities, and in recognition of the need for guidance and direction in the conduct of these activities, it shall be the purpose of this Association to promote, coordinate and regulate league, region and statewide activities to the end that they shall be part of and contribute to the total educational program of the students in the secondary schools of the State of Nevada.


    Legislative Commission

         The policy-making authority of the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association is vested in the Legislative Commission. The Commission consists of the superintendents of each of the county school districts of Nevada.

    Board of Control

         The governing body of the NIAA is a Board of Control. This Board of Control consists of nine representatives from the four administrative regions. The NIAA will provide for the election of members of the Board from throughout the State of Nevada. The state must be divided into regions based upon pupil population. Each representative must be elected by the county boards of school trustees from within the region they represent.
         The Class 3A / 2A / 1A presidents shall serve as non-voting liaisons to the Board of Control.
    The Board shall elect a president and vice-president for a term of two years at its February meeting of odd numbered years. The Board shall hold regular meetings throughout the year to conduct the affairs of the NIAA. Member schools must be notified of these meetings in a timely manner. A provision must be made for special meetings to be called as the need arises.

    Executive Director

         An Executive Director must be employed by the Board of Control to serve as chief administrative officer of the NIAA. He/She shall serve according to the terms and conditions specified in the contract and must be evaluated in writing each year.

    Member Schools

         The member schools are formed into regions and leagues to facilitate scheduling and interscholastic competition.

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